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Iesha Hodges backstage @ Manish Arora FW14 Paris

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there’s a huge difference between “let people do what they choose with their bodies” and “let those 12 year olds have irresponsible sex”

its been 2 days and this has like 50k notes and i’ve only received like 5 hate messages about this u go tumblr u growin up

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do you ever get mad at yourself because you’re not even good at the things you thought you were good at

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*goes to bed at 2am instead of 5am* wow, my life is so in order right now.  i’m making such good decisions for myself and my body and my soul and im so in love with myself for doing this

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Bottom of the death valley by Dir en grey

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Anonymous: Tips for hanging out with some good looking boys???


they’re probably really boring so make sure your phones fully charged